Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve never met a dog that isn’t waiting at the door wagging it’s tail with a smile on it’s face when our dog walkers come to pick them up!  They love their walks, dog park adventures or hikes. Dogs crave the social interaction and exercise. They also love their time outside.

We handle every type of dog personality imaginable. From the playful ones who make the park trails world go ‘round, to the formerly abused ones who need just a little extra TLC, to the brand new baby ones whose development we’re so proud to be a part of, to the challenging and temperamental ones who always keep us on our toes, we never go a day without learning something about ourselves or them. We have a 13 step screening process to keep our groups safe & we offer private walks for dogs who need a little attention before joining our group hikes.

We take up to 6 in our groups, less if we have any dogs staying on leash or dogs needing special attention and more dog-to-walker bonding time.

Vancouverites live crazy lives! We figure our job lends our days to be a little less hectic than yours so we pride ourselves on our flexibility and try not to be too sticky about cancellations.

Back to our flexibility pride! Alysha, our scheduling angel will do whatever is heavenly possible to get your pup out at short notice. If that’s not possible one of us should be able to stop by the house for a relief break or a private walk.

Each of our walkers is fully bonded, insured and covered by WCB. We also carry heavy 3rd party liability. Just ask if you have specific questions.

Some dogs live for the dog park! And if the group is appropriate you may find us there with our Young at Heart dogs taking advantage of the flat trails and access to water – but all the rest of our hikes take place in the mountains, miles above the city.

Depends on you and your dog. We like to mix it up a bit so your dog is stimulated by different trails and has fun with different leaders, but some dogs (and clients) are more comfortable with only one walker.

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with your dog based on mutual trust, respect & love. Our walkers use positive reinforcement leash etiquette and basic dog training.  Sweet Paws believes in doggy manners and practices them with your dogs while they’re in our care.

We won’t judge you or your dog’s little quirks. In most cases, our kind and consistent positive reinforcement is all your pup will need to maintain good trail manners. However, if you’ve got a naughty one who needs a little extra help, we work with one of the best trainers ever and she lives right here in North Vancouver.

We’ve got it covered. Licences, permits, pet first aid, insurance, doggy approved transportation.

Yippee! Shoot us an email at We will send you some registration forms to get you started and coordinate a convenient time to drop by your house for some introductions and answer any questions. From there we will schedule your dogs first walk with us.

It’s not just a dog walk…

It’s a new adventure every day for your best friend. A chance to walk, run, sniff, explore and play with friends while the folks are at work bringing home the bacon (flavoured treats!)