White Dogs

white-dogs“This is the magic of Sweet Paws: my dogs leave the house as yapping, maniacally underfoot bundles of uncontainable energy and are returned a few hours later transformed into quiet, exhausted and thoroughly satisfied lounging piles of fur.

I have been using the Sweet Paws dog walking service for several years. I get three visits a week and on walk days my dogs spend their morning staring longingly out the window waiting for one of their beloved walkers to appear (how do they even know it is walk day anyway?). Sweet Paws walkers are reliable and kind, total animal people, and the administration is easy to keep to communicate with, flexible about scheduling and always professional and prompt. I have never had a Sweet Paws employee not go out of their way to provide excellent service at any given time. We have also realized that, not only are the dogs happier for it, but they are also generally better behaved when they get their regular Sweet Paws days, which we attribute to peer socialization, walkers training the dogs when they are out and an alleviation of neurotic behaviour through exercise and intellectual challenge – things my dogs need to be settled since they are working dogs at heart.

If you want a stress free, easy solution to day-time dogs walks during the work week or even if you just want your dog to get out one day a week on a great adventure with some dog pals, I highly recommend Sweet Paws!”

-Jordan H

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